California Image Maker TruView High Dynamic Range Photography has the power to grab consumer’s attention and motivate them to action. We have some of the most experienced real estate photographers in the industry and utilize state of the art imaging equipment.  Our images visibly distinguish you and your listings visual presentation. TruView Photography service is fast, flexible, affordable and everything you expect in terms of quality.



To truely experience the California Image Maker advantage, our Luxury Series Photography  featuring TruView Technology will significantly increase the perceived value of your listings.  TruView high dynamic range images mirror how the human eye naturally precieves images and significantly enhance the viewers experience. The human eye can see images with different light exposures at once. However, cameras can only capture images in single light exposures. This result in most of the quality of the image the human eye sees, is lost in a photograph. See Samples Click Here.

The difference between the brightest and darkest areas of a scene are what is known as the "dynamic range”. A photograph has a dynamic range much narrower than human eyesight, resulting in diminished image clarity and intensity. Ideally we could create an image that covered a higher dynamic range, to radically enhance clarity from the brightest portions to the darkest?  TruView Technology enable our photographers to record a greater tonal range than a camera could capture in a single photo. A tremendous advantage to this process is that exceptional clarity is achieved with out the added time and inconvenience of staged artifical lighting.



TruView Technology overcomes the limitations of standard photography to more accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows. High-dynamic-range images are  achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs, and then merging them into an single image. Our professional photographers expose the scene to different conditions of light, and with extensive image post production merge multiple scenes into a single composite image with increased dynamic range. By utililizing natural light this technique increases the quality of the image compared to utilizing staged artifical lighting and is more efficient saving valuable time on location Learn More Click Here


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