Today’s consumers demand more from online listings. Detailed property information is one of the most important features. Offering them a professionally crafted, interactive floor plan satisfies that demand and sets your listing apart. Our Interactive Floor Plan Tour is simple to use, effective and affordable. They are packed with robust features and cool functionality. The stunning visual experience of PhotoShow Video tour is enriched with a detailed interactive experience,  where viewers can actually see the flow of a home. Interactive Floor Plan service delivers what you need to market your listing with stunning detail and style. 





Interactive Floor Plan Service enables Imagemaker360 to add linked hot spots to a realtor-provided Floor Plan. By simply clicking on the hot-spot in any room of the floor plan, the corresponding Virtual Tour Image opens. Imagemaker360 also provides a downloadable PDF version of the Floor Plan.

Those viewing Virtual Tours are very often attempting to "piece together" the home's floor plan from the 360 degree images alone, creating an unsatisfying and often inaccurate "doodle".


Perspective and proportion are much easier to assess from a floor plan, and room dimenions and layout can be more accurately conveyed. Potential buyers will be able to satisfy more of their "buying" questions with a floor plan, and can then begin the more emotional aspects of the purchase, that of mentally "placing" their belongs within the home.


Self Service $29.95  

Full Service $169.95+



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