Here you will find aswers to our most commonly asked questions as well as a selection of "How To" tutorial videos that will assist you in performing common tasks.

How am I notified when the tour is completed?

How do I use the Tour Management Center?

How do I download the photos?

How do I edit the property information on the virtual tour?

How do I customize the online flyer?

How can I view Property Tour statistics?

How to use Quick Response Tags and mobile tours?

When will the photographer contact me?

After the virtual tour is ordered, the photographer will contact you within 24 hours, or the next business day to setup an appointment time.

What are the details of the photography session appointment?

It is highly recommended that either you, an authorized representative appointed by you, or the homeowner be present at the shoot. Due to safety and liability concerns, scheduled shoots may be delayed or rescheduled due to inclement weather at the Photographers sole discretion.


If you did not specify the rooms/areas to be photographed when placing this order, please make sure to have this information ready when contacted. If you are unsure of the areas you wish to showcase, your Photographer will be glad to assist you.


Rush orders -- If you require a photography appointment within 24 hours of order placement, an expedited scheduling charge of $35.00 is applicable.  While every effort will be made to accommodate these requests, rush appointments are subject to the photographer's availability.

What is the completion timeline for the virtual tour?

Once the Virtual Tour photos have been taken, the Virtual Tour will be completed and transmitted to the websites listed in this email message typically within the next business day.  An Order Completion Notification containing the link to the Virtual Tour will be emailed to you as well.  If you do not receive the Order Completion Notification email, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Express Service -- If you require guaranteed processing of your images  for next morning delivery by 10:00 am, an express service charge of $35.00  is applicable.  While our standard commitment of next business day is exemplary, we understand there are circumstances that require expedited delivery, this express image processing will satisfy these special requirements.

How long will the virtual tour be on the internet?

IM360 will host your virtual tour for up to 180 days for no additional fees. The virual tour can be extended for an additional 180 day period for $15.00. The agent can request to have the virtual tour become inactive at any time. 

Is there a fee to cancel my virtual tour?

There is no charge for cancelling an appointment for the virtual tour shoot unless the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the shoot. If an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours, a $25.00 cancellation fee will apply. If an appointment is cancelled the day of the appointment, a $40.00 cancellation fee will apply.

Does the agent need to be present when the tour is being photographed?

It is highly recommended that you or your representative are present at the shoot. If this is not possible, you waive artistic approval of the images.

Will the photographer stage the property?

Photographers are not certified staging professionals with the Real Estate Staging Association, but they will do what is known as “light staging”. Light staging improves the overall presentation of the photograph. Light staging includes: 
    -Turn on all available lighting  
    -Adjusting some lightweight furniture such as dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, etc.
    -Straightening pillows and bedding
    -Turning off ceiling fans and televisions 
    -Align window treatments 
    -Removing minor clutter
Before the photographer arrives, the property should be clean, prepared, and staged. Due to liability and risk of injury, photographers are instructed not to move furniture and not to move most objects within the property, particularly large, heavy objects and personal items.


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