The Aerial Image Maker offers high quality aerial video and photography services that command the viewers attention with unique cinematic angels never seen before.  Real estate professionals need a competitive advantage that will grab your prospects attention, now you can offer an extraordinary aerial perspective from angles that have never been seen before. Showcase properties to maximum effect, capturing an elevated perspective and accentuate a property's  features. Dramatic aerial cinematography produced at a price that is affordable for real estate marketers.


California Image Maker is proud to introduce you to our most recent expansion in services.  The Aerial Image Maker uses state of the art flying drones that carry arobotic camera platform to deliver dramatic aerial cinematography. This unmanned aircraft not only provides much more impressive imagery, it is an easier, more affordable alternative, to traditional manned aircraft.  They are also environmentally friendly when compared to planes and helicopters.  Our drones use battery power and light weight materials which ensure precision and economy. The compact size also enables both indoor and outdoor use. However, outdoor use has an altitude range up to 300ft in areas that do not have air space restrictions.



Aerial Image Maker can be used for a variety of aerial photography and video applications.  Some examples of popular applications include: real estate listings, commercial property, construction site progression, land surveying, and property assessments. Some or our popular packages:

Aerial Intro Clip - Exciting teaser to any home tour
Aerial Video Tour 
- Dramatic aerial video compliment home tour.
Territory Farming Clip - Present your specific local market expertise
Community Tour Clip - Show prospects the neighborhoods your serve

And more ... View Samples: Click Here For more information about this exciting and very affordable aerial photography service don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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