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Image Maker is a privately owned and operated company founded in 2001.

California Image Maker is a real estate media company specializing is visual marketing solutions for online listings. The Internet Empowered Consumer is transforming real estate industry and our world. Our passion is helping real estate professionals leverage their people skills to do more business online and enjoying it more.  It is simple: we live and breathe technology and how it is transforming the real estate industry and the world.  The emergence of the Internet Empowered Consumer is the driving force influencing this fundamental shift.  For the first time ever, the consumer (and not the realtor) is in control.  The reality is that most real estate professionals have been trained in a manner that literally drives the Internet Empowered Consumer away!  We deliver tools that bridge the gap between realtors and today’s consumer: virtual tours, digital photography, website design, lead management systems, search engine marketing and more.


What our solutions will deliver you company:


        Create a more professional image both online and offline


        Increase site traffic by providing maximum exposure


        Increase click-through ratio with rich visual content


        Improve conversion ratio with our lead generation tools


We deliver tools to the real estate industry which assist real estate professionals to connect with the Internet Empowered Consumer.  We help you generate business online from a people perspective.  If you are in real estate and want to learn how to leverage your people skills into boosting your online business and enjoying it more - you have come to the right place!


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