California Image Maker is a privately owned and operated company founded in 2001.

California Image Maker is a real estate media company specializing is visual marketing solutions for online listings. The Internet Empowered Consumer is transforming real estate industry and our world. We are a local leader in the digital real estate industry.  Our passion is helping real estate professionals leverage their people skills to do more business online and enjoying it more.  It is simple: we live and breathe technology and how it is transforming the real estate industry and the world. 

We apply our experience and competence to help our clients solve today’s challenges and leverage tomorrow’s opportunities.  We don’t simply help you through the clutter of a noisy marketplace and simplify your business.  We provide the critical insights, services, and tools to help you seize the opportunities that arise each business day. 

At California Image Maker we understand that home buyers and sellers know what professional marketing and advertising look like; they see it every day on television, on the Internet, in magazines, and we believe that they expect it from their real estate agents. With every customer impression, agents need to not only meet but exceed expectations. The Image Maker Visual Marketing System equips your organization with impressive, unique listing marketing content that reflects well on the agent and your brand.


Experience our Interactive Property Portal: www.12345AnyStreet.com


We offer strategic solutions to real estate brokerages looking to stand out from the rest in a noisy market place. World class visual marketing solutions and media services; best in class marketing automation and lead generation; consulting and more. The results are predictable high quality listing marketing content.

What California Image Maker solutions will deliver you company:

        Create a more professional image both online and offline

        Increase site traffic by providing maximum exposure

        Increase click-through ratio with rich visual content

        Improve conversion ratio with our lead generation tools

We deliver tools to the real estate industry which assist real estate professionals to connect with the Internet Empowered Consumer.  We help you generate business online from a people perspective.  If you are in real estate and want to learn how to leverage your people skills into boosting your online business and enjoying it more - you have come to the right place!


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