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My Platinum Home Selling System, featuring our 49 Point Marketing Plan provides the most comprehensive internet marketing program available.

The National Association of Realtors reports that 92% of consumers are online first when looking to buy a home. What that means to you is the first showing of your home is typically online. We invest heavily into that first impression.

Our digital marketing strategy is designed to capture the attention of today's tech savvy buyer. We believe that home buyers know what professional marketing and advertising look like; they see it every day on television, online, in magazines, and we believe that they expect it from online real estate. We exceed their expectations with what we call an "interactive property portal".

First, is eye catching photography, we provide a professional architectural photo shoot of your home. Because studies prove that listings with professional photography have a higher perceived value and sell for more money.

Second, we "tell the story" of your home, we have professional script writers, professional voice talent, and professional video editors standing by to produce a guided tour of your home, an “online commercial”. We go beyond the four walls to describe the lifestyle of your home,  providing the emotional sell. Because narration more than doubles comprehension and long term retention.

Next, your home tour is uploaded to YouTube. Because in today’s clip culture the video play button is the most effective call to action. Listings with a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

Finally, we are able to produce an "interactive floor plan" that allows buyers to digitally walk through, gaining a deeper insight into the home. Because the more a buyer interacts with your home online, the more likely they are to schedule a visit.

We then syndicate your homes "interactive property portal" to all the world’s largest online real estate marketplaces.

Then, to power our local marketing, we create a website dedicated exclusively to your home, In addition, all of our marketing is mobile responsive, optimized for all devices. We tag all print media, with mobile Quick Response Codes offering a 24/7 virtual open house, shown staged at its best at all times. Because over 54% of real estate search is done on mobile device.

All of our marketing results will be delivered in a weekly report with statistics on how many online views and drills down to which websites your home is being seen. 

Modern Design, Rich Media, Mobile Friendly and Maximum Exposure combined with Professional Representation means your home is the toughest competition in the market. You benefit from shorter time on market and highest selling price with minimum inconvenience of the typical home selling experience.


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